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Annual Dental Examinations (Oral Cancer Exam) - Fort Worth, TX

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About Dental Exams

Dr. Edwina Evangelista, a board-certified dentist at Beyond Smiles Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX, believes that the first line of defense against plaque buildup, gum disease, and tooth decay is an annual dental examination. An annual dental examination will allow our dental team to keep an eye on your oral health and help you create a plan for maintaining optimum oral health. During this examination Dr. E will check the patients gums, teeth, and jaw for signs of disease and asses the health of the mouth as a whole. Often times, during regularly scheduled dental exams, dental ailments can be found and treated in their early stages before they advance into more serious issues. 

What to Expect

The dental examination seeks to evaluate the overall health of the patient’s teeth, gums, bones, and jaw. During the examination, the our dental team will look at the patient’s mouth as well and take X-rays to get a more in-depth understanding of their oral care needs. Through physical exams and X-rays, Dr. E will be able to assess and diagnose any cavities, chips, disease, and decay in the mouth. Patients will also receive a teeth cleaning following their examination. Dr. Evangelista will discuss any issues or concerns regarding their exam as well as offer recommendations for care options.

Treatment Aftercare

Beyond Smiles Dental Care highly recommends that patients receive a dental examination and check-up at least once a year, in addition to cleanings being received every six months. This ensures optimal dental health for each patient. 

Anticipated Costs

The cost for an annual dental examination varies among practices, but it averages between $100 and $300. The front office will consult with the patient’s insurance companies prior to their visit, since most companies cover this cost up to 100%. Patients paying out of pocket may discuss payment options during their consultation.

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