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Orthodontic Dentistry (Teeth Straightening and Alignment) - North Fort Worth, TX

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About Orthodontics

The orthodontic branch of dentistry is a focus on the realignment of a patient’s previously misaligned teeth. This misalignment, called a malocclusion, can cause a number of side effects, both medical and cosmetic including speech impediments, as well as trouble chewing and biting. Orthodontics can furthermore, handle the specific growth of the jaw of a young patient with a malocclusion. Board-certified dentist, Dr. Edwina Evangelista, at Beyond Smiles Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX is skilled at helping patients in the discovery and treatment of a variety of orthodontic issues including teeth crowding, front teeth protrusion, overbite, underbite, and impacted teeth.

The Benefits of Orthodontics

When left untreated, common orthodontic dental issues like overbite, underbite, and overcrowding can cause more serious issues dental issues: chipped or broken teeth, the loss of precious tooth enamel, an overgrowth of plaque, as well as tooth decay. In addition, children who suffer from malocclusions early in life may develop speech impediments or trouble eating. While dental treatment such as braces and retainers may seem purely cosmetic, they are sometimes medically necessary.

Age For Treatment

In most situations, a child will become a candidate for orthodontic treatment at around 12 or 13, although they should begin regular screenings for orthodontic issues around 7 or 8. Certain malocclusions can cause issues for a growing child’s speech, which is why Dr. Evangelista screens for issues early and recommends orthodontic treatment before a patient’s jawbone reaches maturity. Orthodontics is not only for children. A large number of adult patient’s make the decision to re-align their teeth later in life. Beyond Smiles Dental Care can help treat orthodontic issues and malocclusions at any age.

Treatment Options

Treatment types for orthodontic malocclusions can vary in severity and type depending on the specific needs of the patient, as well as their age. If a young child is found to be suffering from malocclusion, but is not ready for braces, Dr. Evangelista may recommend other treatment options, such as a spacer or a retainer. If an older patient, whose growth is complete needs cosmetic orthodontics, Beyond Smiles Dental Care is happy to offer traditional metal braces, as well as Invisalign clear teeth aligners. Whichever stage of life the patient is in, Dr. E will take a comprehensive approach to addressing their orthodontic dental care.

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