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About Lumineers

At Beyond Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX we only offer the highest-quality products available to the dental care industry. For this reason, we use Lumineers as our top choice for dental veneers. Lumineers can be used to restore smiles that are flawed with gaps, chips, or stains with custom-made covers that are applied over the natural teeth. Lumineers, as compared to other porcelain veneers, are thinner, which offer a more natural appearance. Before determining whether or not patients are a candidate for Lumineers, our board-certified dentist, Dr. Edwina Evangelista, will meet with each patient for an examination and consultation. 

What to Expect

Lumineers are typically completed in two separate office visits. During the initial visit, Dr. Evangelista will take a digital impression of the upper and lower teeth, detailed photos, and digital X-rays. This information will then be sent to a certified Lumineers lab where the custom-made Lumineers will be manufactured. At the second appointment, the teeth will be lightly grinded and the lumineers will be placed. The grinding is necessary to ensure a strong bond; however, it does not compare to the severe grinding required for traditional veneers. Once the patient's Lumineers are placed one by one, Dr. E will examine their bite and ensure proper bond and placement is complete and comfortable. 

Treatment Aftercare

Thanks to the modern composition of Lumineers, results are long-lasting and have been known to last up to 20 years. Since Lumineers are made of high-quality material and allow for optimal function, patients can continue to eat and drink what they want. However, proper care and dental hygiene are also necessary to maintain and prolong the results. This means that patients should not only maintain a daily habit of brushing and flossing but continue to visit our office for routine dental exams and cleanings as well. During the dental exams, Dr. E will be able to examine the patient's Lumineers and check on their alignment and bond to ensure their integrity. Patients can also choose to have their Lumineers removed at any time if they so desire, which is another advantage compared to traditional veneers. 

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Get a Luminous Smile

Acquiring that beautiful smile you desire is now available with the modern technology of Lumineers. Since these porcelain veneers are about 0.2mm thick, they allow for a comfortable fit and bright, natural look. To get your luminous smile, call Beyond Smiles Dental Care in Fort Worth today.

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