ortOrthodontics is a specific branch of dentistry. This branch deals with treating patients whose teeth are not properly aligned when their mouth is closed. This misalignment – or malocclusion – results in a bite that is improper. This branch of dentistry also deals with controlling and treating a variety of aspects of the growth of your face as well as the development and shape of the jaw.

Orthodontics also includes a bit of cosmetic dentistry when people want to improve their appearance.

Here at Health Smiles in Fort Worth, Texas, there are a variety of dental medical devices that might be used in orthodontics. These include braces, plates, headgear and more. These devices can assist in the treatment of:

  • Closing gaps between the teeth
  • Ensuring that the tips of your teeth are properly aligned
  • Straightening teeth that are crooked
  • Improving oral functions such as eating and speaking
  • Improving the long term health of your teeth and gums
  • Prevention of excessive trauma and wear of your teeth on a long term basis
  • Treating improper bites

When you take a look at some of the reasons that people need orthodontic treatment, you might find these issues:

  • Protrusion of the front teeth. Treatment for this doesn’t just improve the appearance of the patient, it also protects the teeth from being damaged.
  • Crowding. Some people have narrow jaws. In cases such as this, there may not be enough room for all of the teeth. Sometimes the orthodontist might actually need to remove a tooth or two for the rest of the teeth to not be crowded.
  • Impacted teeth. This happens when all of the adult teeth come in and they do not happen to be positioned properly.
  • Asymmetrical teeth. This occurs when the bottom and top teeth don’t match…especially when your mouth is closed and your teeth are still showing.
  • Overbite. When your teeth are clenched, the upper teeth come down over the ones on the bottom.
  • Reverse bite. This is when the upper teeth are inside the bottom teeth when your mouth is closed and the teeth are clenched.
  • Open bite. When your teeth are clenched and there is a space between the lower and upper teeth.

All of these things and ore can be treated here at Beyond Smiles. Typically, a person will not see an orthodontist until they are at least 12 years old although it is certainly not unheard of to begin seeing an orthodontist at a much later stage in your life.