30691167_sAt Beyond Smiles in Fort Worth, Texas we know that no matter what your age you want a bright healthy smile. We are excited to offer Invisalign to our patients to help them achieve a straight, healthy, and bright smile. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign offers pain free treatment with no brackets or wires to cause discomfort. You can eat and drink what you want and the clear aligners can be worn anytime. You choose when you wish to wear the aligners, and enjoy straighter teeth with no pain or metal braces.

How Invisalign Works

The Invisalign system uses a series of clear plastic trays to gently shift your teeth into proper alignment. At your first visit the doctor discusses your goals and treatment needs and then takes x-rays and 3D images of your teeth. Your doctor will be able to show you on a computer screen an approximation of what your teeth will look like during and after treatment with Invisalign. The x-rays and digital images are used to create your custom made trays.

At your next visit you receive your new aligner trays. Wear them and take them out to eat and brush and floss your teeth. It is recommended that you wear them up to 22 hours per day. As you wear them your teeth are gently shifted into place. Every two weeks you will change the aligner trays until your teeth are in the proper position. The aligner trays are made of PBA free plastic so that they are very gentle on your gums and safe for use every day. About every six weeks you’ll come back to our office so the doctor can monitor and check your progress. After treatment the doctor may fit you with Invisalign retainers to keep your teeth in place.

Who Can Use Invisalign

Almost everyone is a good candidate for Invisalign. Invisalign can help children, teens, and adults obtain straighter teeth. Even badly aligned teeth can be treated with Invisalign safely and effectively. The Invisalign system can be used to treat gapped teeth, an under or over bite, an open bite, a cross bite, and overcrowded teeth.

Since the trays are clear, no one will know you are using Invisalign unless you tell them. People will just notice your straighter and brighter smile as time goes by and your teeth shift into position. Living with Invisalign is very easy since you remove the trays when you eat, brush, and floss your teeth. Cleaning the aligners is a simple as rinsing them with warm water. There is no struggling to clean and floss between wires and brackets making Invisalign an easy and convenient choice.

Call or contact Beyond Smiles Dental today and ask about the Invisalign system. You deserve the best smile possible, and with Invisalign you can have the smile you deserve without the pain or hassle of traditional braces.