exAt Beyond Smiles Dental in Fort Worth, Texas we use the latest equipment and techniques to make a tooth extraction a relaxing and pain free experience. No one likes the idea of coming in to have a tooth pulled, but with our sedation dentistry and comfortable treatment rooms, you can be assured that your visit will be simple and pain free. We specialize in all types of extractions including extraction of wisdom teeth.

Simple Extractions

There are many reasons the doctor may choose to extract a tooth. The tooth may be too badly injured or damaged to be saved by a root canal. Your tooth may also have become infected and needs to be removed to protect your gums and the rest of your mouth. It may also be crowding the other teeth and need to be removed to help your teeth align and give permanent teeth room to come in naturally.

During a simple extraction the doctor will take x-rays and digital images of your tooth and jaw. She will administer local anesthetic to the area around the tooth to be removed, you’ll be made comfortable and relaxed, and then she will extract the tooth.

Extraction of an Impacted Tooth

An impacted tooth can cause pain and swelling. It may also be sensitive to heat and cold. The doctor will take x-rays and digital images to see if the tooth is impacted. If the tooth is impacted, you may need a stronger anesthetic so that the doctor can remove the tooth without pain. Sometimes the doctor may have to cut away the gum and bone tissue to remove the tooth. In this case the doctor will recommend a general anesthetic which will put you completely asleep. Your doctor will talk to you about your options and recommend the best treatment for your case.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In your late teens and early 20’s your wisdom teeth will start to come in. These are the fourth molars located in the back of your mouth. While most people have no pain or problems when their wisdom teeth come in, many people experience pain and swelling because the wisdom teeth become impacted. Your wisdom teeth may not have enough room to come in, and they turn sideways and become stuck, or impacted, in your jaw. When this happens it is best for the wisdom teeth to be removed.

Wisdom teeth can usually be extracted under local anesthetic. If the teeth are infected, the infection will have to be treated before the teeth can safely be removed and you may need a stronger anesthetic, or a general anesthetic if they are impacted.

The doctor will take x-rays and digital images of your tooth and jaw, and discuss your surgical option with you. All of your questions will be answered before the extraction procedure begins. You’ll be made comfortable and the anesthetic will be administered. The doctor may have to cut into the gums and remove the bone covering the wisdom teeth before extraction. Once the tooth is free she will extract it and stitch up your gums. The doctor will also instruct you about after care and you will need to schedule an appointment so that she can monitor your healing progress.

At Beyond Smiles Dental we specialize in all types of tooth extraction from simple extractions to wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Don’t suffer any longer with a damaged, injured, or impacted tooth. Contact or call Beyond Smiles Dental today and ask about pain free tooth extraction.