cr3When talking about making over your smile, the suggested solution might be crowns and/or veneers. But, what is the difference between them and how can they help your smile?

It is a fact that both options can give you the same end result, cosmetically speaking. That being said, these types of restorations are totally different and as such, they have different applications. One fundamental difference is in how much of the tooth is covered. A crown will cover the entire tooth while a veneer will only cover the front part of a tooth that can be seen when you smile.

Another difference is that a crown is thicker than a veneer. When you get a crown on your tooth, the tooth must first be trimmed. It will be reduced in shape and size to a small nub. When the crown is placed on the tooth, it becomes the functional outer surface of that tooth.

When a veneer is used, there is little to no trimming needed for the tooth in question.

When it comes to veneers, they will only cover the front of the tooth. Also, where most crowns need to be at least 2 mm in thickness, a veneer is very thin and are typically less than a single mm. This is why there is minimal tooth trimming for veneers.

Some veneering techniques require no reduction of the tooth at all and this is quite important. Because of this, less of the healthy structure of the tooth is sacrificed. Also, the process of preparation is less traumatic for both you and your tooth.

Comparing Characteristics

Dental Crowns:

  • Can be used simply to get a massive change in color for a tooth
  • Can cause there to be a significant change in the shape of the tooth
  • Are often used to strengthen and rebuild teeth that are badly decayed and/or broken
  • Are very durable and strong
  • Require a good amount of reduction to the tooth
  • Once you get one, you always need to have one on that tooth


  • Can be used simply to achieve a change in color for a tooth.
  • Can create a minor shape change to the tooth
  • Are used on teeth that have an intact and healthy structure
  • Are strong yet brittle

As you can see, veneers ae used mainly for cosmetic reasons while crowns are used more for damaged teeth. Talk with the professionals here at Beyond Smiles to find out which one is the best option for you.